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23rd-Feb-2009 08:19 pm - LaFisch.
Playing around with movie maker and I just had to clip this scene and upload it. Here you go. :)

Me - Valhalla
13th-Jan-2009 04:08 pm - New look for the new year.
Dav mig basse!

I thought we should revamp the way the community looks for the new year. It's rather simple but I like it. Plus- I've been meaning to redo the look since I created the community but never got around to it.

Also, I was thinking about creating a Rejseholdet mood theme. Mainly for myself but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in the community. Really this way, if someone is, I would probably be more motivated to complete it then do it half way and give up.

Me - Valhalla
Happy New Year everyone.

I'm a bit late with that, but I got sidetracked by the new year, new books, new music, and new DVD's. So many interests. So little time.

A Rejseholdet marathon over the holiday break didn't happen. If I do one I have to actually schedule it, like some of us did a couple years ago for a Mads Movie Marathon. That was really fun.

I'm taking a week off in April. Anyone interested in joining me in a Rejseholdet marathon? Maybe not the whole series, but maybe a selection of our most favorite eps. Let us know which ones are your favorites and why. We can share ideas and have some fun together.
12th-Jan-2009 11:08 pm - Welcome, m_dk!
I'd like to send out a big welcome to our newest member m_dk!

15th-Dec-2008 11:51 am - Welcome
Welcome to zipcity!

It's been quiet around here, but it's always great to have new members join us.

I'm on vacation for the next couple weeks and I've been thinking about doing a Rejseholdet marathon. It's been a while since I've watched the episodes. It'll be fun to get reacquainted with the characters and the stories.

What is everyone else up to these days?
29th-Mar-2008 10:19 am - April Rejseholdet Marathon
So, I'm getting ready for my Rejseholdet Marathon!

I'm on vacation the week of April 7th. I thought it would be a good time to do a marathon. 32 episodes of His Royal Madsness in all his Fischer glory! I'm estimating four to six episodes a day over seven days.

I'm making a shopping list to stock up on my favorite foods and snacks. And I thought it would be fun to try making some Danish food. I found a website with about a hundred recipes!

I don't think I'll be cooking lamb's head anytime soon. But there are lots of other dishes to choose from.

If anyone has a favorite Danish recipe they'd like to share, post it here. :-)
15th-Mar-2008 08:56 pm - So at last... :o)
I've ordered Rejseholdet, the box set. Finally I'll be able to watch the show! (With wrinkled brow, trying hard to decipher the Swedish subtitles ;o)

They say it will probably be delivered in 2-5 working days. Just remembered that next weekend is Easter though - so if it's not here by Thursday then I'll have to wait till the next week *sigh*
kiss me
1st-Feb-2008 04:12 pm - Forbrydelsen
A heads-up to all Rejseholdet fans - there's another Danish crime drama I've just discovered. It's showing on TV here in Finland now - was screened on DR on Danish TV last year.

Forbrydelsen is very good, and seems to be in a similar vein to Rejseholdet, except the format is different: instead of one story or case dealt with each week, this is more like 24 or Lost - the episodes follow on from each other.

Lars Mikkelsen is in it, as a politician under suspicion. He's Mads' older brother, as far as I can work out. Not the same as having Mads to drool over - IMO - but that doesn't detract from the show ;o)

Highly recommended! Let's hope the Aussie channel that screens Rejseholdet decides to show this too. And put it onto DVD with English subtitles, of course...

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mads fixation
So, I got the notification email from cdon.com that the Rejseholdet ep 1-32 box set was back in stock. That was about a week ago.

Happily, the price had gone down from about 55€ to 39€! So I put it into my shopping basket and saved it.

When I went to check yesterday (have to weigh it all up, cos I have no income at the moment, and can ill afford to spend on non-necessities), I saw it's sold out already!

Fuckety fuckety fuck.
mads fixation
10th-Jan-2008 01:19 am - Apologies
An open apology to my fellow Maintainers:

I got a bit too excited about becoming a maintainer. I charged right in and made changes to the community's User Info page without first consulting you.

Please review the page and feel free to make any corrections or changes.

Rest assured I won't make any future revisions without talking to you two first.
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